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Utility and Infrastructure

LPC Construction provides services to a wide range of sectors throughout the industry. With a history of supporting water, telecoms, highways and electricity environments, LPC has continued to develop its portfolio of services. Because we offer a diverse collection of contracted appointments, we can provide bespoke civil engineering services across the network.

At LPC we know that civil engineering is not just about new and exciting installation projects, but also the everyday maintenance of our environment. Whether it’s adapting an infrastructure that’s already in place or challenging our problem solving skills - LPC can offer a cost effective solution.

Our company has a collection of innovative individuals whose logical thinking and experience, engage in a state of the art approach to our clients’ needs. We have experience in actualising electricity cabling and duct installation as well as highway lighting schemes, renewable energy systems and water mains installations. LPC has undertaken complex assignments for footway and carriageway regeneration schemes and motorway maintenance, in addition to upgrades and installation services for communications projects.

With a creative mind-set throughout the company, it is our goal to never lose sight of the bigger picture when working on a project. From design to implementation, we apply a fully focussed infrastructure right through to completion.

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