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HV DNO Reinforcement Project – Wiltshire

The HV DNO Reinforcement project was particularly interesting because of the diverse requirements of the job. With a need for a dual circuit 33kV cable installation, we inaugurated a seven kilometre route through agricultural land, negotiating an RAF air base and a high security MOD testing facility. Despite considerable security restrictions, the challenges of working in a live air base environment and the requirement to work in close liaison with local land owners and farmers, we still managed to complete the project on time.

The works included two complex horizontal directional drills, one under the River Bourne in close proximity to a high pressure gas main which necessitated wire line monitoring, and one beneath the London to Waterloo main line at Porton Down. What was challenging about this contract was the varying environments in which we worked. From crossing a large expanse of agricultural land, accommodating crops and mitigating interruption to the local environment to negotiating the busy commuter rail line - this proved to be a complex but exciting contract.

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