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Transformer Change Out and Flood Alleviation - East Sussex

Forest Row substation had a history over the last few years of severe flooding. LPC was appointed to replace one of the transformers and in tandem to address the ongoing flooding issues.

Initially we opted to replace the transformer T2, which involved the demolition of existing housing, making alterations to the fencing for access purposes and disconnecting the transformer. Having successfully removed the transformer, we demolished the current foundation and plinths and designed a new infrastructure in accordance with the replacement transformer specification. As part of the process, LPC installed new 33kV cables and support steelwork, completed waterproofing, upgraded the existing drainage system and installed additional palisade fencing and gates. When the new transformer had been successfully installed we looked at the next phase of works; to find a solution to the flooding issue.

LPC formulated an operational plan to alleviate the problem of flooding by working on the existing transformer T1. By casting the new reinforced concrete walls, we were able to make improvements to the existing drainage, which included the installation of French drains and anti-flood valves. The final part of the process was to install bespoke flood doors - all of which was conducted in a live substation, adhering to the strict CDM Regulations. We completed the project successfully, on time and within budget.

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