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HV Contestable Connection Project – West of England

This project was necessary to enable the upgrade of a major data centre for the nations ever increasing cloud storage requirements. Notable for the areas roman and prehistoric archaeology and diverse flora and fauna, the 8km route was carried out under the watchful eyes of archaeologists and ecologists throughout. A number of sensitive sections of the route were installed using trenchless directional drilling techniques in order to avoid the disruption of usual open cut methods. Work programmes were carefully planned to avoid seasonal disruption to badgers, nesting birds, bats and newts. Dual ducted 33kV circuits and triple sub ducted fibre optic cables were installed, tested and commissioned to schedule and within budget to the complete satisfaction of the end user and client. The project was completed in accordance with the specification of the local DNO (Distribution Network Operator) and was eventually adopted as part of its 33kV network.

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