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We have a strong direction within the company structure to provide an innovative service with integrity. At LPC we realise the importance of minimising carbon emissions on each project. Our focus is to provide quality assured, safe solutions while giving consideration to the preservation and care of our environment.

The utility and construction industry uses materials and fuels which can deplete the world’s resources. We know that there is a considerable amount that can be done to minimise damaging effects through new technologies and careful project management. LPC has clearly defined objectives in working on reducing the impact around us, the progress of which is communicated throughout our workforce. Our system is certified by BSI to ISO 14001.

Our integration of a sound and socially aware business framework, ensures that we take responsibility for what we do. We strive for an ethical business model, acknowledging the importance of our local community and environment throughout our operations.


In what is a competitive and fast moving industry, we don’t want to forget the importance of commitment to our charity work within the community. We aim to provide sustainable, conscientious operations with support for local projects.

Today’s community faces numerous challenges in an ever changing environment. At LPC we want to build relationships on a local and national level with the communities in which we work. We have regular fund raising projects and support various charities throughout the network.

In accordance with the company’s vision to maintain our business model with integrity, it is vital to us that we continue to focus on developing our charity work.

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