It’s not just Team GB who are celebrating awards…

26 Aug 2016

It’s not just Team GB who are celebrating awards…

LPC has had a great summer so far and it’s not over yet. With Amanda Burlingham, Head of Business Support, picking up LPC’s ninth consecutive Gold Award at the RoSPA ceremony last month, they’ve have had a fantastic few weeks. The awards evening was a chance for the team to enjoy the acknowledgement from industry peers of their continuing dedication to provide health and safety as a priority in everything they do. While the British Olympians had a mere 77 bottles of champagne on their flight home to make sure they could celebrate in style,  the team at LPC also  managed to let their hair down on the night, but with slightly less extravagance. Having said that, a great evening was had by all. Take a look at Amanda accepting her award from Michael D Parker CBE, the Chairman of RoSPA…

In between picking up awards and bringing in new business, the team at LPC are busy working on the design of a complex trenchless solution, for the installation of power and fibre cables beneath the River Piddle in Dorset.  The purpose of this assignment is to connect a wind and solar park to the grid. All straightforward so far… except, the work requires crossing an environmentally sensitive wetland and river bed.  You know the expression ‘never work with children or animals’? In the construction world it’s ‘wetland and riverbeds’. Not to be put off, LPC has both the experience and know how to engineer a solution. Having provided a successful outcome for this particular client, the genius behind the project, LPC’s Business System’s Manager John Wylie, is happy to offer ideas to help with future design requirements for both existing and new clients.

So while John and his contingent are knee deep in wetland, the rest of the team are busy working on upgrading the UK Power Networks’ infrastructure.

Paul Phillips, LPC’s Commercial Director said… “we have been a key part of UKPN’s (previously EDF Energy) supply chain and we are delighted to be able to support them in a number of key project areas including LV link box upgrades, HV works and defence projects. Since the spring we have increased our resource commitments by 35% to UKPN and this is good news for LPC and great news for our client.’’   When it comes to providing a reliable, safe service it’s clear that LPC remains the first choice for many organisations who need a quick response from a company they can trust.

So with all of this under their belt,  the team at LPC haven’t had much time to sit back and watch the Rio games with a cold beer. But with all their achievements to date this year, it feels like they have reached their own Olympic goals. 

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