September 2018

30 Sep 2018

September 2018

As further testament to LPC’s growing commitment to supporting the UK’s electricity infrastructure, LPC have secured a three year contract with UK Power Networks Services on the MOD Project Allenby contract. Helping to ensure our armed forces have up to date facilities  Project Allenby is a 35 year commitment to provide modern, high quality, fully serviced, purpose built living and working accommodation for 18700 soldiers and aims to improve soldiers’ quality of life across the Salisbury Plain Training Area and at Aldershot.
Despite Brexit fears for a slow-down in building projects, LPC continue to grow our commitment to supporting electricity DNOs (Distribution Network Operators and ICPs (Independent Connections Providers).  During the summer months, LPC have provided connections services to a number of high profile electricity projects across south and central England.
Working directly for UK Power Networks throughout August and September, LPC have installed over 20 new vehicle electric charging points across its London operational properties to enable easier access to its expanding fleet of electric vehicles.

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