Why LPC’s power supply is for life, not just for Christmas….

23 Nov 2016

Why LPC’s power supply is for life, not just for Christmas….

What a year it’s been so far, with Brexit and Trumpaggedon leaving us dazed and confused, it’s good to know that the team at LPC aren’t easily rattled by what has proved to be a tumultuous period, as they continue to deliver services around the UK. Having recently managed a challenging volume of assignments, connecting new low voltage link boxes around South London, LPC have not only continued to work to schedule but are confident in meeting the deadline. By engaging an experienced team of professionals, the UK Power Network project has proved to be a great success thanks to its dedicated body of project staff pulling out all the stops to ensure the low voltage link boxes were installed on time. Headed by one of LPC’s most experienced project managers, the brief was to co-ordinate a critical excavation throughout South London. Once the area had been fully excavated, LPC project managed the connection of low voltage boxes and reinstated a robust infrastructure - much needed to improve London’s electricity network. This was a timely assignment with the UK using more power than ever as winter deepens and festive illuminations are switched on, up and down the country.

Because LPC continues to provide reliable network engineering to the industry’s supply chain, it’s good to know that they are full steam ahead with their ongoing commitments. Because they have a company ethos of working methodically and safely on all of their assignments, they are well versed in the installation of challenging infrastructure, powering our supply chain 24 hours a day. So despite our uncertain economic times, it will not be a winter of discontent in terms of power supply at least.

LPC are also pleased to announce that they have received formal certification from Lloyds Register EMAEA National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS) to enable 1st Tier Construction, Cable Jointing, Substation Installation and Design of HV Networks to 33kV. By being in receipt of this prestigious acknowledgement they are able to continue to offer their services as quality assured independent connection providers in what is a fast moving, demanding industry.

Meanwhile, some of the team have been heading east to increase the geographical coverage of LPC’s permanent workforce in Essex and East Anglia. Having been instructed to provide full time staff to support works to the electricity network in these areas, they are able to offer customers who live further afield a much improved service, when distance may have previously been an issue.

So, while we enjoy our festive lights throughout the UK reminding us just how many sleeps until Santa, it’s thanks to reliable power network suppliers like LPC that we can enjoy those twinkly decorations without worrying about a fuse blowing. Another 10p for the leccy meter anyone? …

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