Why LPC can’t stop the clock as everyone else has a lie in….

21 Oct 2016

Why LPC can’t stop the clock as everyone else has a lie in….

With the clocks about to change and give us an extra hour in bed (cherish the thought), there is no time for the team at LPC to sleep in. Having had a great but busy summer, overseeing the engineering infrastructure for numerous projects throughout the UK, the colder months bring more challenges their way. With a large and complex assignment in Wiltshire, LPC has been called in to upgrade a major data centre. The project was needed to create further housing for our nations’ ever increasing demand for cloud storage. All good and straightforward you might think, but with a historic terrain to accommodate dating back to the Roman period, and diverse flora and fauna, it’s a bit like wading through Theresa May’s to do list in terms of negotiations and careful planning. The need for further cloud storage meant that the team at LPC had to create HV contestable network connections spanning an 8km route over an ecologically sensitive area. Not to be put off by the challenge of archaeological demands to ensure that their ecological responsibilities were adhered to, LPC has been working closely with the conservation experts on this project, to make sure that the operation is managed with kid gloves. Neil Coates, manging director, says…

‘’Because we were overseeing operations in sensitive environments, it was important to work closely with ecological specialists to mitigate disruption to badgers, nesting birds, bats and news’’.

While this might sound like a Chris Packham tweet, the team at LPC take their responsibilities to wildlife and arboriculture seriously. By installing sections of the route with trenchless directional drilling techniques, they cleverly alleviated the need for standard open cut methods. This innovative operation meant that the environment’s natural inhabitants were left undisturbed. They strategically installed dual ducted 33kV circuits and triple sub ducted fibre optic cables, which were thoroughly tested and commissioned. The project so far has been hugely successful, and proving to be a challenging but enjoyable assignment.

While some of the team have been hard at it in the hilly countryside in the south west, others were beavering away completing the accreditation process with Lloyds for the National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS). Because of its industry recognition and high standards required for eligibility, the award of accreditation has been a great achievement for LPC. The process for Lloyds included the design, substation and jointing of 11Kv and 33kV networks.

Since 2005 LPC has held full NERS Nationwide accreditation for civils and cabling works to 33KV and partial to 132Kv, but for the first time they are now able to provide clients with the complete Lloyds accredited ICP turn-key services from design to final commissioning. What this means is that LPC is in the strong position to offer state of the art contestable connection solutions from start to finish, with quality assured service. To find out more about how they can help with complex connection requirements, just get in touch with the team who are always happy to talk about what sort of creative solutions they can come up with.

So with sensitive operations like their badger friendly network installation, and Lloyds accredited cabling solutions, it’s hard to find time to sit back and relax in front of an open fire - environmentally friendly fuel of course! With a busy schedule running like clockwork, LPC has found that the extra hour this month could be just the ticket. After all, every minute counts….oh well, best set the alarm.

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